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Citizen Soldier

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CITIZEN SOLDIER is a dramatic feature film, told from the point of view of a group of Soldiers in the Oklahoma Army National Guard’s 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, known since World War II as the ”Thunderbirds.” Set in one of the most dangerous parts of Afghanistan at the height of the surge, it is a heart-pounding, heartfelt grunts’ eye-view of the war. A modern day Band of Brothers, Citizen Soldier tells the true story of a group of young Soldiers and their life-changing tour of duty in Afghanistan, offering an excruciatingly personal look into modern warfare, brotherhood, and patriotism. Using real footage from multiple cameras, including helmet cams, these Citizen Soldiers give the audience an intimate view into the chaos and horrors of combat and, in the process, display their bravery and valor under the most hellish of conditions.

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Views: 545

Genre: ActionDocumentaryWar



Duration: 105 min


IMDb: 5.9

53610 1

Rotten Tomatoes: 86%

Metacritic: 68/100

Citizen Soldier
Citizen Soldier
What are the user ratings of "Citizen Soldier" movie?
Viewers from all over the world gave the movie the following ratings: IMDB - 5.9, Rotten Tomatoes - 86%, Metacritic - 68/100.
Who is the creator of the movie Citizen Soldier?
The director of the movie David Salzberg, Christian Tureaud.
How long is the Citizen Soldier movie ?
The movie runs for 105 minutes.
When was the release of the movie Citizen Soldier?
The film was released on wide screens 05 Aug 2016.
How many nominations did the movie Citizen Soldier win?
The film took the following: 1 win.
What are the genres of the movie "Citizen Soldier"?
Film is in the genres of Action, Documentary, War.
Where can I watch the trailer for the movie?
You can watch the trailer for the movie at the following link on YouTube - https:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-d-BcfRGl7c.